Programme Rationale

In light of discussions, knowledge and experiences shared, and conclusions reached in the High-Level Forum in Karlsruhe, Germany, this Part 2, which is within the ambit of the ADFIAP CEO Forum XV, will be held in Macao, SAR, China and will focus on the issue of transforming current DFIs into the fourth generation development banks. This High-Level Forum is exclusively dedicated to the leadership of national DFIs and will provide a unique opportunity to co-create the future of development banking.

From DFI 1.0 to 4.0

This session is about “Rewind, Play and Fast Forward” of development finance institutions. It will begin with a short review of the historical developments of the DFIs in the emerging and developing economies followed by discussions on the present status before fast-forwarding to envision the future.

Modernizing Development Finance

In this session, the delegates will discuss the practical must-do list to make DFIs fully responsive to a 4.0 world. The emphasis will be on making DFIs strong institutions and hyper-relevant, not merely relevant, because of their critically important role of de-risking Industry 4.0 in their countries.

Fourth Generation DFIs for Sustainable industrialization

This session will feature specific areas in which the intervention of DFIs is essential. The delegates will examine business opportunities in sustainability and technological transformation of manufacturing industry, infrastructure, and agriculture and service sector. The session will present a robust business case for creating and aligning DFI 4.0 with the requirements of Industry 4.0. It will discuss the historic role that DFIs can and should play in kick-starting a revolution for sustainable industrialization in their countries.

The Way Forward

Reflecting on the discussions in the High-Level Forum in Karlsruhe, Germany and Macao, SAR China, this session will focus on next actionable steps for creating DFI 4.0. It will present recommendations and conclusions for making development finance a powerful tool for enabling the 4 th industrial revolution and transforming to a new sustainable economy in the countries represented at this High-Level Forum.